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Theresa Caputo Loves Ilona's Painting!

Theresa Capto, of Long Island Medium TLC show, was delighted to receive one of Ilona's personalized paintings. "I love it!" what she wrote back to Ilona.

Theresa Caputo
Note: Thank You so much for the beautiful painting :) I love it!

Mike McCardell wishes Ilona happy birthday

For her birthday, Ilona met with Mike McCardell - author and Global TV personality. They had a pleasant conversation, in which they got to know each other better. Ilona has been Mike's fan for a number of years, and she was delighted to find that Mike appreciated her art too. She made him a special painting!

Mike McCardell's Birthday Greeting to Ilona

The Hoff shows appreciation for Ilona's paintings

David Hasselhoff was so impressed by Ilona's paintings that he invited her over to the set of the upcoming movie "The Christmas Consultant" in order to show his appreciation for her work. Rumor has it that another of Ilona's paintings is headed for a major motion picture cameo appearance.

Ilona and The Hoff
Ilona and The Hoff
Ilona and The Hoff
Ilona and The Hoff about to shake hands
Ilona and The Hoff shaking hands
Ilona and The Hoff shaking hands and smiling
The Hoff holding Ilona's winter painting

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Ilona Fekete was born in a small town in Hungary in 1953. Her artwork has appeared in major motion pictures including Walt Disney’s “Santa Buddies” and Hallmark Hall of Fame “Family Thanksgiving”. Read More

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